Carte Blanche


Here are some quotes from reviews of Carte Blanche. (Needless to say, we chose to publish only the flattering extracts…)

“Juicy dialogues, charismatic and well-defined characters, completely off-the-wall dark humor, ubuesque situations make Carte Blanche  a unique game that will please many.

JerryG for Liens Utiles (our translation)


Absurdus manages to tell a story without the player ever being bored or stuck. Thanks to the excellent technical design, the game is simple to learn.

Marion Klein for (our translation)


“This game is packed with some serious humor and many times I found myself laughing out loud at the insanity of it all.”

Eric McConnell for Just Adventure


For Absurdus, it’s all about the fun, and at no point does the game ever take itself seriously, ranging in tone from mild tongue-in-cheek to silly tomfoolery to over-the-top outrageousness”

Jack Allin for Adventure Gamers


“It’s irreverent at times and probably wouldn’t pass as politically correct. And beneath some of the ‘innocent’ conversations lurks a biting social and political commentary.”

Gordon Aplin for Quandary


“With its distinctive humorous tone, stylish black and white look, and decidedly odd cast of characters, Carte Blanche is shaping up to be a unique game.”

Ugur Sener for Just Adventure

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