~>The Kraken Trilogy

Absurdus’ Magnum Opus, the Kraken Trilogy, will soon be completed with the release of the last episode: The Eight Tentacles of the Apocalypse. You can consult the games’ official websites for more information.

Eye of the Kraken | Carte Blanche | The Eight Tentacles of the Apocalypse

Eye of the Kraken (2002)

(official website)

The Glutomax will take a week before arriving at Hyade Island. Until then, Abdullah will have to discover which of the suspicious and anachronical passengers has stolen the Eye of the Kraken. This is a very important task for if the thief makes it to the Island, he’ll have the power to awake the Great Kraken and then rule the world. That would be bad. (Download for free!)

Carte Blanche (2006)

(Official website)

Raised in a small town bourgeois family and recently graduated from college in humanities, Edgar Delacroix has yet to discover what the big city has in store for him. After a fortuitous entry in the world of private investigation, he has to deal with twisted and suspicious individuals, solve sinister mysteries and risk his life in rather unpleasant circumstances.. (download)

The Eight Tentacles of the Apocalypse (2010?)

(Official website)

Will Abdullah find the Eye of the Kraken before Mérouh Baròk and his sidekick Rasputin (yes, the one)? Will they awaken the Great Kraken? Will Edgar discover who killed Gaspard Lemaître, his boss and mentor? Will he finally taste a schnitzel with apple sauce? All these questions will be answered in this improbable trilogy’s explosive finale.