~>Howling Poultry ($100 000)

Volaille hurlanteAren’t you tired of those bland and tasteless trinkets that are collecting dust on the edge of you hearth? Throw them away and show your real colors with the Howling Poultry. What could be better than a ton of rock cut in the relative shape of a chicken in your living room to communicate without ambiguity your sympathy towards animist cultures?! Your grandchildren will love this new pet and admire your “rock” attitude.

~>Herring ($150)

harengThis one certainly smells fishy. This old rotten herring will please even the pickiest prankster. Replaces admirably smelling salts.

~>Aquatic Bell ($75 000)

cloche aquatiqueLife is scary? Your neighbors suspicious? The Income Department is after you and the weather announces the Apocalypse? In these troubled times, it is good to know that genuine peace of mind is still possible. With this water-proof bell, 30 cm of solid iron protect you from the hostile world and you can finally sleep on both ears!

~>“Fire of God” Paper Clip ($5000)

trombone feu de DieuIs there a thief in you just waiting for an occasion to express himself? You neighbor owns an attractive collection of tools, diamonds or perhaps a Rembrandt that makes you green with envy? No lock can resist the “Fire of God” paper clip and they can easily replace a 20m lighting rod. This cheap piece of metal is your key to fulfilling all your material needs.