The heart and soul of Absurdus

Jonathan Lessard, aka Jona-Khan the First

Proud of his latest conquests in the realm of video games (not only as a level 50 mixed-blood ork-snail warrior, but also as a developer), Jona-Khan Primus has recently tightened the noose at Absurdus in order to produce his latest Machiavellian projects. Methodical and sadistic, he imposes inhumane discipline in the company. No more coffee breaks, privileges and sleeping at night: the AbsurdoMachine has started and he’s holding the reins! This debonair torturer has a plan so intricate, not even he can decipher.

Simon Chénier, aka Louis-Carl-Alexandre de Tamère

Simon is a talented visual artist with a split personality. There’s Simon, the humble artist whose greatest joy is to communicate to others his passion for beauty; and then there’s Louis-Carl-Alexandre, odious and disdainful character whose deep belief is that a man should be dead for at least 200 years before having any (even minimal) pretentions to Art. At Absurdus, we’ve decided to hire both personalities. The first one to train and coach junior artists, and the second to crush them morally when comes the time of salary increases.

Noë Cropsal, aka Antonin Artaud Jr.

Long-time accomplice of Jona-Khan, Noë has been in the shadows of all his world-titillation plans. True magician of darkness, this disingenuous being has mastered the art of pulling the strings to reap other people’s work. Confirmed Neobotchist, his arsenal of sharpened rhetorical fallacies will collapse your system of values. His purpose in the team is to provide us with troubled souls for the low labors. Penniless actors and ragged wretches were torn from their families to work tirelessly for the Project. His endless rewriting of the games’ core scenarios has driven away all the (famous) ghostwriters hired over the years.

David Harvey, aka 10010101010001

Symbiotic part of Absurdus’ internal network (the Absurdotron), David had been lost in the office’s renovations of 2006. He was found again two years later between two walls, after an employee had accidentally disintegrated part of premises with the company’s positron inverter (an example of our unspeakable cutting-edge equipment). He calmly went back to work saying he had learned a lot while exploring the interstitial spaces and listening to the voices of the dark. Being accustomed to his vain and nebulous utterances, the team reconnected him to the network (and to the coffee machine) for the greatest pleasure of all.

Very appreciated help


Jean-Denis Mahoney

Gfx and Animation

Dany Durand : 3d Animation  (http://www.duranddany.com/)
Benoît Roche : 3d  Modeling  (http://www.benoitroche.com/)
Juliana Erimina : 3d modeling
Michel Cadieux Jr : 3d animation


Andrey Vostokov
Marion Klein
Simon Summer
Bruno Stonek
Rodrigo Steinman
Jakub Tabaczewski
Mongchi Chong
Petra Koudelkova


Julie Vachon
Simon Gfeller
Antoine Touchette


Dominic Hudon


Jean-Philippe Marchand
Nicolas Bougaïeff

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