Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche now available online!

Three long years after its initial release, Carte Blanche is finally available online on this site (download section). We had to wait the expiration of our contract with GMX Media (and G2Games) which strangely coincided with the bankruptcy of both these companies (nothing to do with us!)

Carte Blanche is for the first time (legally) available in French, which is ironically the game’s first language. It is also its first release in Mandarin and Czech (if we are not mistaken: GMX didn’t have in its habits to inform us much, nor to pay as a matter of fact…)

Although the game has some shortcomings, we continue to think that it remains unique in its tone and style, that it contains excellent moments and many hilarious lines. At the actual price, we think adventure and humoristic game lovers should not deprive themselves of the experience.


  • Sinnorfin says:

    Truly unique game that should’ve got more attention. Especially as everyone’s whining about the death of adventure games. How about kickstarting a sequel and demoing it with the first?

  • Michael says:

    Да, уверен, что многие игроки ждут вторую часть. Но пока что её не видно…

  • admin says:

    Нет, к сожалению разработки игры прерывается. Позже, возможно!

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